Losing a loved one is never an easy process, but the people in our lives don’t just disappear after they’ve crossed over to the other side. There are signs all around that they’re still here with us, and as long as we keep an open mind and are willing to receive the messages, then we’ll start to recognize them when they appear.

Signs from the afterlife can come in any form, such as a coin or a feather, but a deliciously gooey chocolate drizzled bundt cake is pretty much the last place anyone would expect to find a slice of motherly advice! But, that’s exactly where Amy Pokras received a special message from her mom, and it was literally served up on “the good china” plate.

Amy was wandering around her local farmer’s market when she came across a bake sale. Not one to turn down homemade sweets, she bought a delicious looking bundt cake to take back to her place. She told Love What Matters:

“It was on a china plate. I offered to bring the plate back to the organization, but was told that the plate came with the cake. At home, I sliced and froze the cake for individual servings. I washed the plate, and lo and behold: This was my mother’s china pattern.”
That may not seem like much of a revelation, since fine china can certainly be mass produced, but the coincidence was just too uncanny to ignore. The message from her mother came through loud and clear, and Amy knew she had to pass it on to others who really need to hear it.

After she saw the familiar looking pattern on the plate, Amy suddenly remembered how her mother always used to tell her to “use the good china.”

“Unlike most women, she felt, ‘why have nice things if you didn’t USE them?’ She used her good silver for dinner. She used her good china for dinner. Her china got used, so much so that it wasn’t salvageable when she passed away.”
Of course, the true message goes much deeper than that. Treating ourselves to the best things that life has to offer is usually relegated to special occasions. It seems like the good dinnerware only comes out for the holidays, and our Sunday best is only worn for one day out of every seven.

The thing is, we should all want to feel fabulous and treat ourselves like a queen every single day! That’s not to say that you have to go out and spend a fortune in order to feel great. There are plenty of treasures hiding right under our noses! Many of us are constantly dealing with stress in our daily lives, and a little bit of “good china” therapy can do wonders to lift our moods.

“Now I have a reminder. Everyone, use the good china.”
So, go ahead and give yourself permission to use the expensive plates and silverware to serve up a hot dog and potato salad for lunch. Dare yourself to use every opportunity you can to treat yourself to all the different incarnations of the “good china” that are out there, because you never know when you’ll wake up on the other side and will have missed out on all the finer things in life.


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