Winnie the Pooh is a classic character loved by children and adults alike. He’s an icon. A timeless bear who stands the test of time.

What some people might not know is that A.A. Milne — the author of these beloved stories — had a granddaughter with cerebral palsy.

While Milne’s son Christopher Robin Milne, whom the book character was inspired by, was not a fan of the stories as he grew older, Milne’s granddaughter, Clare, found them to be an opportunity.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Clare took money out of her inheritance from the Pooh books and used them to create the Clare Milne Trust.

“The Clare Milne Trust supports people living with disabilities in Devon and Cornwall,” the website’s homepage reads. “In the words of Clare’s late mother, Lesley Milne, ‘My dream is to know that my girl will be remembered for something that brings happiness where it is most needed.’”

As A.A. Milne’s granddaughter left a legacy behind which supports people with disabilities, it seems very appropriate that a certain bear would know just what to do when encountering a disabled child.

Jessie Barber’s 18-month-old son has cerebral palsy, just like the late Clare Milne. Barber told KVUE her sweet boy “is unable to communicate other than smiling and facial expressions.”

But lack of speech didn’t stop this child from sharing a special moment with a tenderhearted bear named Winnie the Pooh.

“For those of you who have disabled children [you] know the [feeling] when people look but aren’t sure how to interact with your kiddo,” Barber wrote on Facebook.

“This Winnie the Pooh melted my heart and knew exactly what to do!” she went on. “He spent 10+ minutes with our little guy and he loved every second of it. Thank you, Pooh!”

Watch as Pooh Bear interacts with the boy. Pooh may be called “a bear of very little brain” but this character’s big heart more than makes up for that!


Doesn’t your heart just melt watching this? “I had no idea the video would go viral,” Barber told KVUE. “We were just hoping to reach other special needs families to show this amazing interaction and that it is worth the trip to Disney.”

She’s absolutely right! Well done, Pooh Bear! You have represented your legacy well. No doubt Clare Milne would be quite proud indeed.


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