“What we do when no one’s looking matters more than any of us know.” I’d imagine that most people would agree with this sentiment.

After all, if you lie, cheat, and break your promises in secret, one day all of that double-dealing will come to light. It’s happened to famous people in the past (think of Stephen Glass who wrote for The New Republic but fabricated many of his stories).

We know that it will happen to more in the future. However, we need to remember something: Just as sure as our sins will find us out, our virtuous acts will also tend to come to light.

That’s what happened to a boy named Wyatt Warner in 2017. The 8-year-old was your everyday rambunctious boy.

He liked playing with friends outside and riding his bike. In fact, KUTV reported that he’d taken his electric bike for a spin one summer day when he did something that proved newsworthy.

Wyatt had ridden out looking for a particular chum to hang out with. But before the two connected, he paused for a moment in a way that will warm every patriotic heart.

According to The Kansas City Star, Wyatt got to his friend’s house in good time, wheeling up to the entrance on his bike. Yet he stopped when he saw what was waving in front of it: an American flag.

When he saw Old Glory, the boy braked to a halt. Then he looked up at the flag for a moment before clapping his hand over his heart.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America,” he began and recited the whole thing from memory. Wyatt had no idea that someone was watching him.

Well, actually it was something: the house’s security system. A secret camera and microphone caught the whole thing on video.

“I cheered up when I saw it,” his mother, Jami Warner, told Inside Edition. “I thought it so sweet and so cute.

“It’s just like my Wyatt. Everything he does, he does 100 percent.”

Wyatt comes by his patriotism honestly. His mom said, “We have people in our family who have served.”


For his part, the young boy said that both history and current events inspired his actions. “I thought about all the people that died for our country and the troops,” he explained.

“And I once saw ISIS stepping and burning our flag, and I got really mad. … I knew they were bad people, and I knew they hate Americans.”

Jami hopes the attention would inspire others to similar good deeds, saying, “Sometimes we are only looking at them when we notice they are doing something wrong and we need to correct it. I wish I could see what my other two do when I am not looking.”


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