Newscasters are supposed to keep a straight face and remain detached from the story they’re reporting. But, sometimes technical issues, unexpected photo bombs, and amateur newsroom goofiness can get the better of these professional journalists, and force them into hilariously awkward situations they were never taught how to deal with.

For example, being upstaged by a furry black sand shark is one scenario that BBC weather woman Carol was certainly unprepared for! When her fellow newscasters suddenly broke out into laughter and exclaimed, “Don’t look behind you,” all she could do was self-depreciate herself with a bit of polite British humor, and hope the cheeky little doggy was “done” being the center of attention.

The BBC must have been right in the middle of Mercury retrograde when they broadcast a series of weather reports on live TV that went oh so very, very wrong. Take for instance the shy weatherman who got tongue-tied and fumbled over his words. Without missing a beat, the poor bloke erroneously reported that something very magical was on its way!

“Temperatures will return to normal, with scattered spells…showers, and sunshine.”
He even points his finger directly towards the lucky location right there on the screen, near platform 9 and 3/4. Of course, it’s probably wand-striking distance of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so muggles beware!

In another blooper gone wild, a cute weatherman informed viewers that something electrifying was about to come out of hiding.

“Just prepare for Thor, and his lightning balls.”
Bolts! He meant lightning bolts! Ha ha, this is one flub his coworkers will never let him live down. As he’s probably already figured out by now, thinking fast on your feet when technology goes astray is a skill that’s best learned off camera.

Unfortunately, another meteorologist didn’t practice that skill quite often enough. After forgetting to input some very important facts onto her slideshow, her embarrassing mistake showed up for all the world to see on the blue screen. It indicated that every single Town in existence was about to experience some very uncomfortable, boiling hot weather.

The hilarious magic continued when a woman named Helen suddenly found herself face to face with her own doppelganger on live TV. After she finished talking, a spooky ghost image, from another time and place no doubt, was still intent on pointing out the forecast on the blue screen behind her. With deadpan humor her hilarious co-host, Hugh, sounded off his opinion about having more than one Helen on his team.

The lucky meteorologists who ended up in this collection of bloopers are all probably hoping that no one really watches these silly, inaccurate weather reports anyways. But, how else would we learn the scientific name for clouds that are shaped like cow udders?

Watch this video to see even more funny weather bloopers!



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