One of the most beautiful moments in life is when you welcome your child into the world. A rush a of emotions hit – exhaustion from the birthing process, excitement about having a little one to care for and panic when it comes to being in charge of another life for the rest of your own.

This unbelievable mix of emotions usually causes new parents to shed a few tears as they hold their newborn – but when this new father began to cry in the hospital room, no one could’ve guessed the real reason behind his quiet sobs…

The couple’s birthing photographer, Kristie Perez, captured the moment this new father broke down in tears and later spoke to him about it. However, when Kristie’s client revealed the real reason he broke down in front of her camera lens, she knew she had to share it with the world.

Kristie posted the husband’s story and a series of stunning images from that magical day with the Love What Matters page.

She wrote:

“He helplessly watched his wife vomit profusely for 285+ days. He witnessed her lose 30 pounds in pregnancy not being able to nourish herself due to Hyperemesis Gravidarum & preeclampsia.

She was hospitalized 4 times for dehydration throughout her pregnancy. Ate more dinners on the front steps of their home than he could count because any scent literally made her ill.

After months of simply being there for her as much as possible, he supported her during birth. I told him I captured him crying seeing his son and he said, ‘That’s not why I was crying.'”

“Puzzled, I asked what he meant.

He teared up again and said, ‘This is the first time I have seen her smile in 10 months.’

Men, please understand how powerful your empathy can be.

To all of the mothers who have traumatic pregnancies and still find a way to smile… thank you for sacrificing yourself and enduring to bring your precious child into the world. That is no easy feat.”
Mothers are tough, formidable beings and nothing shows off this strength more than birth. This husband’s obvious love and admiration for his wife is something all men can take to heart.

Giving birth isn’t easy – and simply respecting the hardships that come with pregnancy is incredibly helpful, from a woman’s perspective!

View more beautiful photos from their son’s birth below. What an emotional moment, and a wonderful day!



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