There’s no question that whales are magnificent creatures. They are gentle giants who are elegant by nature. Whales also happen to be extremely intelligent and social animals as well. They live as long as humans do and often come in close-knit families. Whales sing, play, and nurture just like us, humans too!

Whales have been populating our oceans with their beautiful presence. We’re sure most of you would love to see a whale in its natural environment. Imagine, witnessing a large whale in the flesh. Wow, that would be a treat! ‘Til then, check out this fascinating clip of a humpback whale captured by one lucky paddle boarder.

Hawaii is one of the best places to go “whale watching”. The best months to spot whales usually runs from December to April, where over 10,000 humpbacks annually migrate to the region from their summer feeding grounds in Alaska. Some sightings go as early as the end of September, with the last sightings ending sometime in June.

The coastlines of Maui, being home to the largest population of North Pacific humpback whales, are always a sight to behold during whale watching season. Many of these whales head to Hawaii to mate, rest, and give birth before journeying to the ocean again.

One event that whale watchers look forward to is when the animals start breaching. A breach or a lunge is a leap out of the water. It is common behavior for cetaceans – including different whales species, dolphins, and narwhals. Aside from respiration, cetaceans breach for display, feeding, and communication.

Humpback whales regularly breach by leaping out of the water and making a twist to their backs. Most of them even slap their tails and fins in a repetitive fashion! According to marine specialists, this is their way to communicate with other whales using the sound waves transmitted underwater.

Anyone who has seen a whale breach would say that it was the most magnificent thing ever. Judging by the way these paddle boarders are reacting, we’d most definitely agree. Imagine this close to a humpback whale. That would be such a great experience, don’t you think?

Well, this big guy doesn’t stop at one breach. He does it a second time, drawing even louder cheers from the paddle boarders.

What an amazing moment these ocean goers will never forget and thankfully capturing footage for them to treasure and the rest of us to get to experience with them.



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