Famed actress and singer Olivia Newton-John has determined that she will not focus on her prognosis as she battles stage 4 breast cancer.

In an interview with “60 Minutes Australia” published Sunday, Newton-John spoke at length about how her family has supported her during her cancer fight, as well as her decision not to know how much time doctors estimate she has left to live.

Newton-John is not focused on the last day; rather, she is focused on making the most of each day as it comes, living her life to the fullest and continuing to advocate for others who are managing their own cancer fights.

“When you’re given a cancer diagnosis or a scary honest diagnosis, you’re suddenly given a possibility of a time limit,” Newton-John, 70, said during the interview.

“If somebody tells you, you have six months to live, very possibly you will because you believe that,” she continued.

“So for me, psychologically, it’s better not to have any idea of what they expect, or what the last person that has what you have lived, so I don’t tune in.”

Rumors that Newton-John’s health was on a rapid decline spread rampantly in January, with some even speculating that the “Grease” star was living out her final days.

After her initial cancer diagnosis in 1992 and new cancer found in her shoulder in 2013, tabloid reports assumed the worst about the entertainer, who has been living with cancer yet again since 2017, this time, in her back.

But the Australian superstar stated that the rumors about her imminent death had been greatly exaggerated and that she was still here, happy and doing just fine.

“To read that you’re dead or you’re dying is a really strange experience,” Newton-John said those rumors. “I thought that I would confront this. … It was upsetting.”

In May, Newton-John did confirm that her brother, Hugh Newton-John had passed away.

“My dear, sweet, gentle, clever, brother Hugh passed away May 7, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia after many years of decline,” Newton-John stated.

“I love him so and will miss him terribly. Love & light, Olivia.”

Currently, Newton-John is focused on making each day count as she continues to help others who are fighting cancer.

Newton-John has decided to auction off some of her most iconic “Grease” memorabilia to raise money for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer Wellness & Research Centre in Melbourne, Australia, as USA Today noted.

Among the items up for auction will be the iconic leather outfit she wore in the final scenes of the film alongside co-star John Travolta.

“I’ve worn them, they’ve given me an incredible career and now I kiss them goodbye,” Newton-John said.

“Hopefully their value can help a lot of people going through cancer.”

Newton-John has high hopes for the outfit’s earnings, saying she hopes the items will go for at least “a million apiece for the jacket and pants.”

And Newton-John is thankful that after all she has been through with her health, she is still here, working to make a difference.

“I’m so lucky that I’ve been through this three times and I’m still here,” she said.

“Every day is a gift now, particularly now.”


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