“We had never ever considered foster care. We kind of had the approach that many people do … that I would get way too attached.”

These are the words of a mother with a full heart — and a full house. Paige Zezulka and her husband, Daniel, have gained quite a lot of attention for a viral video they shared on Facebook.

The video features their foster daughter, Ivey, opening a gift on her birthday. Watch as this family grows together in this tenderhearted moment.

It’s easy to see why this video has been viewed 17 million times in just 3 months. Ivey and her two siblings, Kai and Lita, were all adopted on Aug. 23, 2018.

But their journey didn’t stop there. With the new movie “Instant Family” in theaters Nov. 16, the Zezulka family has found their story sounds strikingly similar.

The Zezulkas were invited on “The Ellen Show” to to discuss their journey to adoption through foster parenting.

“In our area, there were over 250 kids in foster care and there were only 11 homes that were open,” Daniel said. “That blew our minds.”

They fell in love with their first foster baby, Kai, before even learning about his older sister, Ivey, and his other sister who had not even been born yet, Lita.

“When it started to go towards adoption, they asked if we would adopt all three,” Paige said. “And of course we were like, ‘Yes! We love them!’”

Now Ellen DeGeneres and Mark Wahlberg have joined forces to help this instant family in their sudden time of need. This is where it gets really good.

Watch as the actor announces his big surprise for this family of five. Their reaction to his gift is priceless. Wow!


“On behalf of the movie ‘Instant Family,’” Wahlberg said, “we would love to donate a check to you guys for $25,000.”

That will surely buy a lifetime’s supply of diapers for the two younger children. Daniel and Mark shared a handshake as Ivey looked at her mom in shock.

But the giving didn’t stop there! In a hilarious segment, Mark and Ellen filmed a car commercial with the Zezulka family in the background.

And then Mark and Ellen gave them that car! Whoa! Cash and a new family vehicle? This family has truly been blessed in more ways than one.

If you’d like to learn more about fostering to adopt, visit Adopt US Kids online or contact your local Department of Child Safety, Social Services or Protective Services today.


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