They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. After all, when Ed Gernon rescued the rough and tumble dog, Rex, from living on the streets, he never thought the once-feral pup would save another smaller animal only a month into his adoption! While they were out on a walk, Rex spotted a tiny hummingbird, surrounded by ants and fighting desperately for its life.

At first Ed thought the hummingbird was dead, but then he looked closer and realized she was still clinging to life! So he scooped her up and the newly formed trio rushed home. Ed spent the next few months nursing the tiny bird, now named Hummer, back to health by handing feeding her and teaching her fly again with the help of a hair dryer!
It’s been over a year now and Rex and Hummer are best friends! They play together everyday and, despite Rex’s violent past on the streets, he knows how to respect her delicate boundaries! But Ed knows that their time together is limited. It’s mating season and Hummer needs to leave her new home and follow her natural path in life! So they’re soaking up their time with Hummer, Ed describes it fondly as having a little “Tinkerbell” flying around the house – that sounds magical and by the looks of the video below, it truly is a blast!



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