Whenever you turn on the television or check the internet, it can feel like unpleasant news gets plastered all over the headlines. Whether its politics, a natural calamity, or crime rates, the news we see and hear tend to leave us down in the dumps. This is why we could use a little lifting up every once in a while. So if you happen to be seeking some “good” news, then we have just the story for you.

Just like happy news, kindness has unfortunately become rare in this world. Can you recall the last time someone was kind to you? Or better yet – can you remember the last time you reached out to a friend or stranger? Well, a man named Dan Laguardia just did. Before this fateful day, he didn’t know who Kayla Cooper was. But that didn’t stop him from performing this extraordinary act of kindness.

Nursing student Kayla Cooper now has a ride to work thanks to this amazing man.

Dan Laguardia was in a car dealership in El Cajon, California. He was seeking to trade-in his Scion XB when he overheard Kayla’s discussion with a salesman. The young woman was clearly upset as she couldn’t afford the down payment for the car she wanted. Although the salesman was polite with her, Kayla couldn’t hide the disappointment in her voice. She needed the car to get to school. But unfortunately, the amount they were asking went way beyond her means.

On top of attending nursing school, Kayla worked two jobs just to save up for the car. But it was no use, there was seemingly no way around this situation. She would have to continue borrowing cars from friends and family just to head to class. Little did Kayla know, her guardian angel was just around the corner.

Dan had been listening to the conversation all this time. He was moved by Kayla’s story and didn’t think twice about giving his used car to her. You read that right! Dan told the salesperson to contact Kayla. They immediately reached out to her about the good news.

Kayla wasn’t quite sure what was happening at first, she was shaken all over and in tears. But Kayla was definitely grateful about her new car and more importantly, Dan’s kind act. As for the good Samaritan himself, well, let’s just say he did it all to make the world a better place.

Let this story be a reminder that there’s still much good left in this world. We hope greater things fall into both Dan and Kayla’s lives!



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