Attention, Grobanites! Josh is back with another incredible music video and it’s too beautiful for words. With just the piano sitting before him and the music in his heart, Josh belts the words to “Bridge Over Troubled Water” from his new album “Bridges” for the camera. It’s easy to see why this teaser video has had so many views in such a short period of time!

Josh told Newsweek that the inspiration for his new album struck after a recent stint on Broadway, “Doing Broadway refilled my tank… I didn’t even want a break. I just dove into writing… There are some [albums] where you’re pouring out idea after idea… I wanted an album that had an uplifting spirit, for my psyche and also for the psyche of listeners. I think we all need that.” He didn’t want to focus on the vocals – he was set on spreading a specific message. With so much chaos going on in the world, Josh wanted to give his fans a much-needed mental and emotional break.

Josh’s video for “Bridge Over Troubled Water” accomplished just that! The cinematography was just as stunning as his voice. Even though he didn’t have an elaborate set, the sound of the song and the dream-like lighting was more than enough! Take a peek at this beautiful teaser video for yourself below. We can’t wait to see the rest of the video whenever Josh feels the timing is right to release it. His music is an inspiration to us all – and we’ll be waiting with bated breath until his next artistic announcement! In the meantime, stay tuned for more information on “Bridges.” This album is expected to be even better than his previous mega-hits. We’re so excited!

Josh Groban – Bridge Over Troubled Water (Performance Snippet)


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