We all know that you are not supposed to judge others, unless we want that same judgement passed onto ourselves. Of course, when it’s your job to scrutinize people for a living, like the judges on the X-Factor Ukraine do every single week, it’s kind of hard not to speak up and tell the truth! But, sometimes it’s better to keep it zipped up if you don’t want to look like a fool.

After one very pregnant contestant showed up on stage looking like she was ready to give birth, it was obvious that everyone was passing judgement on the mom-to-be before she even had a chance to shine. One of the male judges on the X-Factor panel turned to look at his cohorts with shocked concern in his eyes as soon as he saw the woman’s very round tummy. His sour expression said that he was already giving her a thumbs down just for daring to sing any song at all, especially when there was a baby on board.

That didn’t bother the smiling 25-year-old one bit, and she didn’t hesitate to take control of the uncomfortable situation by opening her mouth to sing. With Whitney Houston as her muse, the young woman proved that she had the exact opposite of “I Have Nothing” going on with that beautifully boisterous voice of hers!

There might be some other folks out there who don’t think a pregnant woman should be up on stage belting out a belly tune, especially when there’s a lil’ bundle pushing up against her diaphragm.

Most people can’t pull off a Whitney Houston song if their life depended on it, at least not in a way that doesn’t make our poor eardrums cringe. Anyone who dares to take on a Whitney has to take plenty of deep belly breaths in order to carry those famous high notes for any length of time.

Although it may seem like an impossible feat to do a Whitney song justice when there’s a baby taking up all your extra oxygen, but this woman impressed both the audience and judges alike with her sweet, soothing voice. As she lovingly cradles her baby bump several times throughout her performance, we’re constantly reminded that there’s a lil’ munchkin in there who has front row seats to mom’s amazing concert!

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that not everyone is a native speaker when they take on an English language song, but this woman’s accent was barely discernible, and when it did come through it was quite lovely! The judges didn’t seem to notice any accent though, because it was her incredible vocal range they were paying attention to.

When she hit all the right high notes, the judges clapped their hands as they threw their heads back in awe and wonder at her breathing skills! Even the male judge who passed down his judgement at the beginning of the show was seen sporting a sheepish grin after realizing just how foolish he had been.

Pregnant woman dares to take on Whitney’s “I Have Nothing” on the X-Factor Ukraine.


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