We’ve seen twins who smile, twins who coo, and twins who know how to spell “Timbuktu.” But this adorable Internet dynamic duo is taking the world by storm with dance moves all their own. As Dad strums the guitar, the girls dance around the living room with glee. They grab each for balance (or a boogying partner?) and wobble to and fro. We’re so glad Mom was nearby and thought to record this priceless moment on her camera. This is a moment they’ll look back on for decades to come.

According to Parenting Magazine, recent research indicated babies can pick out a lousy dancer when they see one! Scientists say babies are aware of the phenomenon called “speech asynchrony,” when the sound doesn’t match up with the movement someone’s mouth is making, and dislike it. The research also indicated babies can identify off-beat dancing when shown an example! While experts quoted in the article say it’s unclear if musical talent as a baby translates into an adult skill, they say it’s important to keep at it – not just for the chance for your child to be a rock star one day, but for the other essential things music teaches children!

Mom and Dad know how great music is for their twins and encourage experimenting with beats, rhythm and rhyme whenever possible. That’s why Dad was so eager to play the guitar with his little ones! He was thrilled to see them enjoying themselves so much while he strummed freely! Check out their adorable dancing routine for yourself in the video below. It’s too cute that Daddy’s guitar playing turned their living room into the most adorable dance studio ever.

19 Month Old Twins Dancing to Daddy’s Guitar


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