Dresses for in-between seasons can be a strenuous task. Overcompensating with too many warm pieces can leave you sweating up a storm as soon as you walk out your front door, and misjudging the autumn sun and under dressing can leave you uncomfortably chilly for the entire day. Avoid forking out hundreds of dollars for a new wardrobe all at once and ease your summer style into the cooler weather effortlessly.

Here are my top 3 tips for dressing in-between seasons:

Dresses & Skirts

Layering is key for the cooler weather. Don’t pack away your summer loves just yet, slip dresses can look amazing during cooler weather when styled correctly. Layer a tight, black long sleeve under a silky slip for an effortlessly chic look. Pair your linen midi skirts with jumpers and your mini’s with statement coats for the perfect in-between weather wardrobe.


Knitted jumpers are a saviour when it starts to cool off. They’re cozy and comfy but add a certain understated style to any outfit. Try wearing your favourite sweater under your favourite pair of denim overalls, tucked into favourite denim shorts and paired with your go-to skirts for the perfect casual look.

Sneakers & Heels

Your shoes can literally make or break an outfit. Changing over seasons and trying to figure out the appropriate footwear for the weather can be confusing and conflicted, but at this time of year when you can still  get away with open toed shoes and bare legs leaves us with amazing style options. Pair your favourite summer heels with jeans and pants for a feminine take on sophistication. If you’re still vibing mini skirts and shorts, sneakers are the perfect shoe choice to keep your toes warm and your outfit on point.


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