Are you ready to hear the newest Christmas song of Home Free? Then this news can be interesting for you. Home Free is up with their latest song, named as “Do You Hear What I Hear?” This is certainly a holiday season gift for all of us who really love to hear the band songs. However, this time they have chosen the Minnesota’s Lake Castles for filming their awesome song.

At the starting of the song, the band’s five members are seen standing in the lake Castles with ice walls surrounding them. The scene is just mesmerizing. It even holds up as the five starts to sing and the blend together to form a flawless harmony.

Home Free is a well-known band. It had shown off its skills and talent worldwide. It had won The Sing-Off. And from then it had managed to create a long list of fans all over the world. Talking about this song, the song was originally composed in the year 1962 which sold out tens of millions of copies from then.

However, the song had been tried by several other artists. This time Home Free has tried their hands on this song. It is certainly going to be a hit soon. However, they captured the song’s spirit through their eccentric a capella sound. This song by Home Free is definitely going to be hit. Having such a beautiful ambiance with the perfect blend of melody is simply stunning.

Watch this video to know what makes the song so awesome. There is no doubt that it is going to make its place in your favorite songs list.



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