Budgeting is a hard concept for adults to grasp, let alone little ones like two-year-old Mila. This spunky little toddler found out that her family has to be on a budget and she’s not exactly sure how to react.

But as soon as Mom tells her it means no more trips to Target, toys and Starbucks runs, the reality of the situation sets in. Thank goodness Mom had the camera rolling and filmed the entire hilarious interaction that followed.

This precious little blessing has people in stitches. Her antics are an absolute hoot to watch.

Certainly it is important to teach little ones about a budget, even from a young age. If they want to buy a toy that costs $30 and if they receive a $5 allowance for the week, then it becomes an opportunity to discuss the value of saving money and deciding if the toy is really worth it.

Small beginnings like this can go a long way in learning the value of a budget and reinforce positive spending habits for their future. But little Mila isn’t quite there yet!

She’s taken aback by the idea of budgeting and lets Mom know exactly how she feels. It’s clear this young lady has a talent for making us all laugh!

This little cutie’s video has gone viral and her newfound fans are in love with her sass and disbelief at the concept of a budget. Some people say she’ll become a great actress one day with her adorable facial expressions and her reaction to mom’s crushing news.

You have to see for yourself Mila’s response to the news. Budgets can be a tough thing to grasp and Mila wants nothing to do with it!

Take a peek at this hilarious conversation for yourself by watching the video below!



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