Jeff and Jenna Althoff knew they were made for each other from the get-go! Both shared a love of the outdoors, a passion to help others and truly adored animals.

For years, Jenna had asked Jeff if they could expand their family of two to include a pet dog. For years, Jeff insisted the timing just wasn’t right.

Little did Jenna know that her soon-to-be husband had a special plan up his sleeve for their wedding night! She was about to be shocked!

After saying “I do” and greeting their guests during dinner, Jeff announced that he had a big surprise for his beautiful bride! He asked that she stand on the dance floor with him while he gave a speech in her honor. She wasn’t sure what was going on, but she obliged.

She had no idea what Jeff was planning but was willing to play along. That’s when Jeff declared that their family of two was going to be one member bigger.

Jenna knew that she wasn’t pregnant… Was he adopting a child? What was going on? What could this be about, Jenna pondered?

Suddenly, one of their loved ones came around the corner with the best fluffy wedding gift imaginable! Jenna could not believe her eyes! It was a giant ball of awesomeness!

Jeff bought Jenna an adorable puppy and was so excited to give it to her on their big day! Jenna’s face immediately dropped and she burst into tears. The look on her face was priceless!

The best day of her life just got so much better and it was all thanks to her amazing husband! If there are any newly engaged men out there, take note! Jeff made their wedding day even more of a precious memory with his present.

Jenna embraced her incredibly thoughtful wedding gift. What a wonderful present! She did not want to put the cutie down.

So Jenna dropped to the floor in her wedding gown, cradling her dog. The flower girl and mom came over to check out the newest family member. Everyone couldn’t wait to see the pup.

May Jeff and Jenna be blessed with many years together. And their dog, too!

Take a peek at this perfect wedding gift surprise between Jeff and his gorgeous bride in the video below.



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