The Voice Kids has spread like wildfire around the world, and although the shows tend to reflect that particular country’s culture, there’s one thing that remains the same no matter where it’s filmed – incredible talent. However, when a singer is going up against her peers who have the same vocal skills, it’s hard to be seen as that one rare gem that everyone wants to have on their team.

On The Voice Kids Netherlands, a young girl named Laura managed to stand out from the crowd when she brought her guitar along for the ride. It was supposed to be a Blind Audition, but Laura’s beautiful cover of a chilling hit song made the judges fight for the buzzers when she was barely four words into the tune.

“I Will Always Love You” is cherished by millions around the world, but some people don’t know that it was actually written by Dolly Parton in 1973. It also made the Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart not once, but twice! The second time it made the list was after Dolly sang it to Burt Reynold’s during an emotional goodbye scene for a popular 1982 Hollywood flick.

Musicians have been trying to perfect their own covers ever since, but it took someone like Whitney Houston and her stunning voice to bring it back into the spotlight. In a case of history repeating itself, Whitney’s chilling version became popular after she sang it to Kevin Costner the blockbuster film The Bodyguard.

The ability to nail this haunting tune has been the pipe dream of many, but very few are actually able to achieve it in a way that do either the Dolly or Whitney’s versions any justice. But now we have sweet Laura, with her innocent and wholesome good looks, who is rocking both the guitar and singing crowd with everything she has!

When the judges flipped around just seconds after she opened her mouth, it probably made Laura even more nervous. Since they made their decision so early into her performance, the pressure was on to really impress them! After the two male judges in the middle nearly slapped each other’s hands reaching for the buzzer, a third and fourth judge followed suit to see what all the hoopla was about.
Of course, Laura had absolutely nothing to worry about. Let’s face reality, hardly anyone is a match for Whitney’s amazing vocal range, and even less can get away with singing the high notes like the superstar did. But, this girl took the song back to its original Dolly roots, singing it with a gentle lilt in her voice and lots of love in her heart.

One of the judges was so mesmerized with the subdued yet powerful performance, you could see his eyes fill with puppy love! Just imagine if any of them had waited to hit that red buzzer – they wouldn’t have been able to experience the whole package deal if they were just sitting there “blind.”

Watch this video to hear Laura amazingly sing “I Will Always Love You.”



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