When loved ones are away at college, they cannot always head home for short holiday breaks. Sometimes they instead road trip with a roommate, teammate or friend to their home that usually is closer to the school.

It is sad, because their absence during cherished holidays only reiterates that they have grown up and flown the nest. That empty chair at the Thanksgiving table can bring a pang of sadness to parents who miss their young adult.

One family still celebrated Thanksgiving even without their college kid Sheridan off at school. She was unable to make it back home for the big holiday meal and the family noticed her absence, but still pasted smiles upon their faces for the family meal.

As guests walked into the kitchen, they greeted each other with hugs and hellos. The counter was laden with colorful and tasty, mouthwatering Thanksgiving dishes.

Everyone in the kitchen mingled about, chatting and making small talk. Then someone asked a question…

“Do you guys want to take a picture with your dad?
Some of the guests scuttled out of the way so that Mom and Dad and the kids could embrace for a family photo. But sadly, Sheridan isn’t there.

It was another reminder that one of their favorite family members could not make it. Hopefully Sheridan could make it home for the Christmas holiday though.

As the family is lining up for the photo, you could hear someone say, “We’re missing someone.” Suddenly, a figure came zipping around from a back room and plunked herself right in front of everyone with a big ol’ smile across her face – but mom and dad didn’t even flinch!

No one realized that a person was there and joined the family photo until after several moments, she turned around and stared right at them. Surprise!

Sheridan really was able to make it home for the holidays it turned out. Everyone took turns embracing her and the tears began to flow.

Not only will they have this fantastic family memory, but fortunately someone was recording to get the hilarious moment on film. Talk about one epic Thanksgiving photobomb!

Watch this heartfelt video and how surprised the parents were when their darling daughter stunned them with her unexpected arrival. Their reaction is awesome!



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