Ellen’s back with another installment of her segment, “Why I Don’t Have Kids” and it’s absolutely hysterical! Raising children can be hard and it’s full of messes, tantrums, smiles and laughs. That’s why these parents are proud to share their children’s mishaps with the hilarious show host! We’re just glad they decided to film it all!

From makeup thieves to open flour bags, these kids are just too much. Ellen can’t keep her smile hidden as she shares pictures and video that capture what it’s really like to raise a child! It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes it’s Cheerios in the bed and heads in the dog’s water bowl! According to Parents Magazine, messy playtime is totally normal, but it doesn’t have to mean you clean up after your little ones constantly.

The site explains, “Your child’s messiness can get so bad, in fact, you might think she’s purposely trying to drive you crazy. But 1-year-olds are simply discovering the world the only way they know how: by delving into their surroundings with gusto — and that produces a lot of cleanup for Mom and Dad. Combine this curiosity with the desire to be independent (and a lack of fully developed manual skills), and you can count on lots of mishaps. While messy play is beneficial, it doesn’t mean you should let your kid run wild.” By including your kids in cleanup, they can learn about the responsible way to play, even at a young age! Take a peek at these goofy kids and their patient parents for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. Thank goodness cameras are on our phones now – that way we’re able to capture all of these silly moments and share them with the world!



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