As parents, we take a sacred vow to embarrass our teenagers. From their first angsty moment from the time they look at you and say “I get it,” your job is to make sure they’re on the right track – and have a sense of humor while they’re on it.

This father clearly understands the complicated role of Chief Embarrasser and wears the badge with pride. So when he was called into duty when his teenage daughter, Morgan, missed the bus, Dad knew just what to do…

On just her second day of school, Morgan missed the bus and had to ask Dad for a ride. He jumped in the car and sped off toward school without hesitation – but he was going to teach Morgan a lesson about timeliness.

Dad pulled out his cellphone and began recording their ride to school. Everyone was going to know that his daughter was tardy even though the school year began less than 48 hours before. Morgan was totally mortified by her Dad’s prying camera lens and goofy jokes.

She hid behind her hand, begging Dad to stop with his silly video!

As they got closer to the school, Dad revealed that he was going to walk her all the way to her classroom. He looked into the camera, smiled and said:

“My subscribers are going to love this!”
Laughing, Morgan turned to her dad and said:

“You don’t have subscribers!”
Even though he didn’t have a following at the time, Dad certainly did after he posted the video. Within minutes, thousands of people tuned in to watch him poke fun at his daughter for missing the bus. Now, nearly 2 million people have heard about Morgan’s silly mishap.

Take a peek at Dad’s hilarious video below. We can bet Morgan won’t miss the bus again anytime soon!



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