Prominent musician Mark Ronson appeared Thursday on ITV’s “Good Morning Britain,” where he ended up revealing some news about his sexual identity.

Ronson has earned fame in the United States thanks to his successful collaborations with Amy Winehouse, Adele and Miley Cyrus, among others.

He even won an Oscar for Best Original Song this year for his work on “Shallow,” which was performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in last year’s “A Star Is Born.”

In his Thursday interview, Ronson claimed to be “sapiosexual,” a term that he did not know existed until that day.

In fact, he did not determine that he was “sapiosexual” until he heard a guest discussing the term during a previous segment of the show.

Author Nichi Hodgson, who was talking her own experience with possibly identifying as sapiosexual, had defined the term earlier.

“The definition of sapiosexuality means intelligence first,” she said, according to CNN.

Apparently, intelligence also supersedes gender for those who identify as sapiosexual.

“I have dated men, women, transmen, transwomen, and across the gender spectrum and identify now as bisexual,” she continued. “The thing that has linked all these people has been their brains.”

Hodgson went on to defend the unfamiliar term, claiming that there is research backing it.

“We know that a certain percentage of the population is also sapiosexual,” she said. “They just might not know it themselves, because we haven’t used the term before.”

“It’s always existed, we just didn’t have a word for it,” she said.

This discussion piqued Ronson’s interest while he was backstage, and he made sure to allay any suspicion that there may have been about his sexuality.

Watch Ronson’s segment below:


“I didn’t know that there was a word for it, but yeah I was really enjoying that segment,” he said. “We were all arguing back in the dressing room with a couple of your producers.”

“I feel like I identify as sapiosexual,” he told anchors Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway, who congratulated him on being “out and proud.”

Ronson has not gone on the record stating that he would be attracted to a man, regardless of said target’s intelligence.

It’s unclear whether or not someone who exclusively courts smart people of the opposite sex is still considered “sapiosexual.”

According to a 2014 Psychology Today article: “A sapiosexual person is someone who finds intelligence and the human mind to be the most sexually attractive feature for a potential sexual relationship.”


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