Weddings are wonderful. They bring people together, family and friends, to celebrate the love and union of two people. It is an event that definitely marks a special part of a couple’s life. It is a day not just of beauty and celebration, but also a moment that makes life worth living for knowing that at one corner of the world there is a man and a woman who feel overflowing love for each other and are willing to be with one another forever.

This momentous day, special as it is, often includes amazing surprises meant to make the bride and groom even happier. Such as this marvelous wedding surprise for Irish couple Bernie and Cain who got married in 2017. The gift for them was totally unexpected and something quite unforgettable!

Back in October 2017, bride Bernie Garvin and groom Cian O’Leary got married in Castletown Geoghegan. Some of their friends were really intent on making their wedding an even more special occasion. And so, they arranged for a memorable gift that the couple would surely love: a flash mob!

During the ceremony, the couple’s attention was caught when music suddenly began during the ceremony. Expecting to hear the choir sing, they were quite astounded to see their wedding guests breaking out into a song! They were so surprised and touched all they could do was marvel in amazement and gratitude.

As one by one the singers stood from their seats, the other guests, and not just the bride and groom, started to notice that it was not an ordinary performance. From two male guests singing, another two female guests joined in and two more pairs of singers eventually completed the group.

It was undoubtedly a memorable happening and the people in the church were baffled and astounded at the same time. The singers were actually really good! Their performance made the day even more spectacular not just for Bernie and Cian but for the entire crowd of loved ones as well!

In the end all of the singers in the “flash mob” went in front to sing for the whole group, most especially to the bride and groom. It was truly a remarkable event and the guests were absolutely thrilled and pleased with what transpired that day. The gift idea was undoubtedly unique and grand at the same time.

What a wonderful surprise! I am pretty sure the couple will never forget the special gift they got.



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