Pet owners have all done it; they’ve been guilty of snapping at their pets when they’ve had an accident in the house or inadvertently broken something while frolicking around. The look in our pooches’ eyes and expression on their faces is just heartbreaking, because for one minute, their little spirits have been squashed by the person they love most in the world.

We’ve even seen the video compilations on social media of people cornering their dogs to see which guilty party strewn trash all over the kitchen. Their poor little pathetic, guilty faces says it all.

But once in a while, pet owners do something that really miffs their four-legged bestie. Buying the wrong dog food can be earth shattering to Tank; leaving Princess the cat out all night long in the pouring rain is unforgivable from her point of view.

The way pets respond to these wrongs can actually be a tiny bit funny. Take Ralphie for example…

We have no idea what his human Bee happened to do to make him so peeved, but it must have been big. Maybe she ignored his multiple nose nudges asking her to play fetch.

Possibly, she forgot to feed him his dinner on time. Regardless, Bee tries to figure out what has Ralphie so upset, but he isn’t having any part of her inquisition.

“Hey, what’s wrong? Are you mad at me?”
Ralphie, a gorgeous chocolate color with golden-green eyes, stares ahead expressionless, refusing to glance over at his mom. He seems to be absolutely crushed by whatever happened.

For a fleeting second, he glances over his shoulder in Bee’s direction, only to let her know he doesn’t care what she has to say. He quickly looks away from her.

“Did I do something to you? What are you looking at me like that? Ralphie? Are you mad at mama? Oh you’re not even going to look at me? You’re not even going to look at me?”

Apparently, no, no he’s not. Ralphie’s strike against showing his human any attention is in full force. He’s got this holding a grudge thing down quite well!

Finally, even though Bee claims to not have a clue what she’s done, she apologizes. That’s all Ralphie needed!

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”
Those two little words were enough for Ralphie to drop the cold shoulder, turn and lug his big ol’ body right up onto mom’s lap, which seems to be quite the feat. Newfoundlands are huge dogs, but when you consider all of the hair they’re carrying around, they look even bigger!

Ralphie shows his mom that he accepts her apology by slathering her with sweet kisses. Ralphie is just one of two Newfoundlands the family owns.

These are incredibly beautiful dogs with the ability to hold out for those two magic words it seems. Watch Ralphie guilt trip mom into apologizing, even though she has no idea what she did wrong.
It’s no wonder Ralphie’s video has drawn more than 3.4 million views so far. It’s sure to bring a smile to your face!



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