Making each other as happy as could be, these identical twin baby boys enjoy a conversation that leaves mom in awe. At a stage where they are able to communicate without using any exact words, they use that adorable baby language that parents love hearing so much. Grayson and Griffin are only months old, yet have already developed an incredible relationship. Once they are put in their crib side by side, they notice each other right away. They look right into each others eyes and start their chat that only they can understand.

If anything could cheer these little guys up, it’s most definitely each other. From the start of life, they were together and it looks as if they have only grown closer since. Being able to learn and grow together, they have a unique bond that no one could understand more than they can. If one of them smiles, the other one is quick to follow. When one of the twins coo, the other one is ready to talk back in the cutest way. Their parents love to watch them communicate.

As young as they are, it’s amazing to see the way having someone to chat with makes them light up with happiness. They are so enthused to talk. It’s not just a conversation that makes them so thrilled, but being able to laugh about it together. Just when one of them finishes talking, the other one replies in a way that makes us all wish we could get a glimpse into what they are talking about. There is so much to discover, imagine, and learn at this age and these boys are ready to chat about it all. Watch the way they communicate in their own special way in the adorable video below.



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