With every Disney live-action remake, social media stars inevitably follow up with covers of our favorite classic songs.

Disney’s take on a remake of “The Lion King” is no different. The original film’s score and soundtrack are award-winning and iconic, to say the least.

In 1995, Hans Zimmer took home the Academy Award for Best Original Score, a score that stole our breaths away with each new scene.

Elton John and Tim Rice also walked away with the Oscar for Best Original Song that year for “Can You Feel the Love Tonight.”

USA Today reported that the live-action version boasted $185 million in sales opening weekend and the soundtracks for both the original and the remake are topping Spotify charts.

Elton John has made a return to the 2019 film with songs like “Never Too Late” and of course the soundtrack wouldn’t be complete without Hans Zimmer’s touch.

Other voices have added life and light to the updated film’s music as well, including the vocal stylings of the talented Beyoncé as well as funny guy Seth Rogen.

With all the love for “Hakuna Matata” out there, it’s no wonder music artists are rising to the challenge and putting their own spin on these songs.

The popular Christian group Anthem Lights has released “‘The Lion King’ Medley” — a mash-up of all our favorites from the film done in only the way Anthem Lights can.


Perhaps even more goosebump-inducing is the Crosby family’s version of these songs. If you’ve never witnessed the adorable Claire Crosby and her darling performances of Disney tunes, you’re missing out.

This little girl has it all, from singing skills to a showgirl’s flair. Watch as this 6-year-old prodigy sings “Every Song From Disney’s ‘The Lion King.’” This performance needs to be part of the DVD’s bonus features if you ask me.

This little girl has certainly come a long way since she first performed “Part of Your World” at the age of 3. If she’s this good at 6, what will she be like at 16? I can’t wait to find out!

What is your favorite song from “The Lion King?” While nothing can beat a classic, I have a feeling the live-action film is going to be a roarin’ good time.


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